80Base & Build

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EVO 80Base & Build is the latest nail gel innovation with it unique keratin-like molecular structure that achieves a unique bonding link to the keratin on the natural nail, achieving long wear and a truly effortless soak-off release.

In addition, 80Base & Build is enriched with 2 types of nail conditioners, which have been designed to settle on the nail plate to promote nail health.

✓ Effortless "soak-off release" technology, resulting in fast and damage-free removal

✓ Medical-grade formulation & manufacturing process

✓ Keratin-like molecular structure for strong bonding link to the nail natural keratin

✓ Enriched with 2 nail conditioners to promote health

✓ Precision builder gel with ultimate control

✓ Effective self-levelling properties

✓ Permeability Technology that allows movement of water & oxygen to & from nail plate

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EVO 80Base & Build features a unique keratin-like formulation that promotes linkage to the keratin in the natural nail. This Keratin Link enables an exceptional bond, supportive structure and boasts quick and effortless soak-off release.

Enriched with two nail conditioners, 80Base is engineered to promote nail health. Apply as a base layer to prepared nails and cure for 30sec or use as a strengthening layer and cure for 60sec.

What’s in the name?

The number ‘80’ refers to the part in the formulation that gives 80Base & Build its unique Keratin-Link functionality.

How does it work?

The Keratin like formulation of 80Base holds 3 key advantages to the professional nail technician, namely excellent adhesion, additional flexibility, effortless removal and healthy nails. The exceptional adhesion of 80Base is the result of the keratin-like molecular structure, and its effortless "soak-off release" technology, which is made possible by the breaking of these links when introduced to BIO SCULPTURE Gel Remover. The easy release of the gel from the natural keratin leaves undamaged healthy nails after removal.

80Base also features two conditioners that protect and condition the natural nail throughout the entire duration of the overlay.


Nail Conditioners

Mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane (organosilane)

Aids in reducing nail flaking and brittleness by increasing the moisture content in the upper layers of the nail bed. In doing so, the nail gets an increased sheen giving an overall healthier look and feel to the nail.

Polypropylene Glycol

Film forming in beauty products, producing a continuous film on nails (or skin and hair), improving the nails’ aesthetic characteristics.

Full SDS with ingredients listing can be found in our resource centre

This is your go-to medium base and builder gel in the EVO line.

Nail Types

Suitable for most nail types and provides strength to short, medium and long length nails.

How To Use:

  • Apply a Flat Base Layer using our unique gripping and smoothing method. Cure for 30 seconds
  • Evo 80Base can be used as an Upper Arch Strengthening Layer with a cure time of 60 seconds
  • It can also be used to extend the natural nail (60 second cure) or to apply glueless tips (60 second cure)
  • Make sure you wipe and refine your Evo 80Base after curing and before your colour application
  • Perfect base layer for toe nail application
  • Can be applied with or without SPS for good results
  • Can be applied with or without a pre gel treatment (lavender base etc.)

PLEASE NOTE: EVO Gels should only be cured under Bio Sculpture LED lamps. No guarantee can be made regarding EVO Gels performance with other branded lamps. Images should be used as a guide only.

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